Easy Street Magazine – Awkward in the Midwest


Hobart – Forensics & You

Ember – Fear of Sudden Things

Black Denim Lit – The Oldest Girl


Smartish Pace – 2015 Beullah Rose Poetry Prize Winner: “Etiquette for Maidens (to avoid hysteria)”

Sugar House Review – Transcending Deja vu (forthcoming, Fall/Winter 2016)

H_NGM_N – Conflicted

Columbia Review – Ode to This Motel

Prairie Schooner – “Under Pretense of Law,” “In Absence,” and “Hemispheres”

Crab Creek Review – Bad Things Happen (print only)

Calyx – Mourning List

Rust + Moth – Mood Ring & Memory

Silver Birch Press – Trying

Lyrical Iowa – Beyond Cosmetic (print only)

Voices Project – Dante’s Punishment

Lunch Ticket Magazine Amuse Bouche March 2014 feature – Earth Mother, Dimensions, Me Versus the Dainties

Red River Review – Knuckleheads

Matter Monthly – Black Death Consultants

Voices Project – Solace of Hypothermia

Leaves of Ink – Unknown

Leaves of Ink – Autobiography Revision

4 & 20 – Where Have All the Super Heroes Gone?

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