For the Love of Art


Yesterday on Facebook, I saw a post with this picture. This is part of an art installment by Jasmine Kay Uy at University of Texas at Austin Department of Art and Art History. (Click on the link below the picture to see her portfolio.)


About jenniferpruiettselby

Jennifer Pruiett-Selby is a woman of contradictions. She joined the military to find peace. Afterwards, she earned a Master’s degree in English from Iowa State University, a place whose focus and funding is science and technology–not liberal arts. She lives a life of anything but intrigue with her husband, poet Jason Selby, and five children in rural Iowa. The winner of SMARTISH PACE'S 2015 Beullah Rose Poetry Prize, her work has found homes with PRAIRIE SCHOONER, SUGAR HOUSE REVIEW, HOBART, H_NGM_N, CALYX, COLUMBIA REVIEW, LUNCH TICKET, EMBER, and her column, "Awkward in the Midwest," appears monthly with EASY STREET MAGAZINE. Her search for peace continues in the form of meditation through writing.

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